Tomorrow is my last day student teaching at the Anne Frank Gymnasium in Werne, Germany. During my time here I have learned so much about teaching and have realized that even though the school systems are a bit different, the students are the same for the most part, especially in an art class.

I was placed with three amazing teachers at Anne Frank, one English teacher and two art teachers. In the beginning I was actually very nervous about teaching English as a second language. Even though I speak English every day, I had no idea how to teach it. I felt that it needed to be perfect (which would never happen because I butcher words quite often). It was difficult getting the students to talk because they were also nervous about speaking the language. In the end they began to talk without hesitation and I was less nervous about teaching them. My main goal was to just talk with them and get them talking. I had been working with 6th and 7th grade English classes and I was already impressed with how well they could speak English. I wish American students were required to learn another language at a young age. Becoming bilingual is now at the top of my bucket list and as a teacher I feel that the students should be given more opportunities to learn another language within the schools.

Preparing their posters for the London presentations
Students were paired up and given a specific topic dealing with London
Practicing their presentation

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